Moodle: Displaying Moodle Calendars within Microsoft Outlook

We have found a way to integrate the Chelt infoNet Calendar with Microsoft Outlook Personal calendars.
Staff are encouraged to use MS Outlook as their email program as it far superior to use of internet explorer access.
Using MS Outlook also makes a wide range of great features available to you such as:
Personal Calendar which can now show your personal events overlayed on a continuously updated copy of the school calendar
allows you to "invite" staff to a meeting and automatically collect their responses for you and display them in your personal calendar. If they say YES, the appointment is automatically inserted into their personal calendar !
and other productivity features
To do tasks which can be integrated with your emails to keep track of any emails that you wish to deal with
Archives so that you can keep all email without clogging your system to enable search and retreival in the future
Notes where you can make any quick notes for later reference without having to create a new document or email etc
Have a look at the video demonstrating how easy it is to the infoNet calendar to your personal calendar. The video is shown in miniature by default, click the text Chelt-Calendar.wmv above the video to watch in full size...
PS: How did I make this in 5 minutes (I do NOT lie !!!!!).... See:
Screen Capture - Make a movie of what you do on screen
Screen Capture: Make a movie of your instructions with narration
If you need any assistance, see one of the tech staff for help.

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