Moodle: Bulk User Upload

Moodle bulk user upload is great way to add and alter users.
The file below uploads new users (firstname, lastname, username, password, email, city, country, description).
You can set many other user fileds as well if you wish (e.g. lang, etc - see Moodle Docs Page
Always include city, country & description as these are required moodle User profile fields and may add confusion if they are blank when moodle demands them from students the first time they log in.

The file below also uses the option to enrol users in specific courses at the same time:

course1: PD101 (i.e. the short name for the course)
type1: role (privileges) in course1 = "1" (After uploading the file, you can choose whether this role is a student or a teacher etc)

course2: Sandpit
type2: role in course = "2" (This user can have a different role in this course)

The file below also uses the option to enrol users in specific groups within a course at the same time. This is a great way to seperate groups (e.g. class 7A) within a whole year level, so that teachers of that course have the option of creating discussions, assignments etc. for their group only.

To use the file:
  • log in as moodle admin
  • Site administration - Users - Accounts - Upload Users
  • Browse to the file and upload.
    Moodle will check the file against existing users and correct syntax then give you options to assign roles.

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