Mac OSX: Add more columns to search results display

OSX Finder View Options allows the user a limited selection of columns to be displayed in finder lists.

For some unknown reason, these preferences do not affectthe columns displayed in search results e.g. file size.

To force the size column to be displayed:
  • Search for and start the Property List Editor

  • File - Open - /Library/Preferences/
  • Open the Root node
  • Open SearchViewSettings » ListViewSettings » columns
  • Choose the column you want to activate in the column list (ie. Size)
  • Set the visible key to yes
  • Save
  • Relaunch the Finder (Option-Control-click on the Finder icon in the Dock).
Note: you must have done at least one search, and selected one of the additional columns in the View Options panel for the search results (Date Created, for example), or else your .plist file may not contain the SearchViewSettings node.
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