JPG Tags - Captions and Descriptions in Picasa and OSX

Picasa and OSX File Info:
  • displays xmp:description as the Picasa Caption
    (i.e. if the iptc:caption-abstract happens to be different, it will NOT be displayed.)
  • if there is no xmp:description, then they display iptc:caption-abstract
  • Changing Caption field updates BOTH xmp:description and iptc:caption-abstract
Exiftool commands used in OSX Terminal to change JPG Data
  • Add or change xmp:description for a file
    • exiftool -xmp:description='This is a new xmp description' dst.jpg
  • Delete an xmp:description for a file
    • exiftool -xmp:description= dst.jpg
  • Copy the filename to the xmp:description
    • exiftool -xmp:description=--filename dst.jpg
  • Copy xmp:description to iptc:caption-abstract.  Not really necessary as the xmp:description will be displayed in Picasa and OSX File Info
    • exiftool "-iptc:caption-abstract
  • Copy the filename into the xmp:description field for all files in the current directory
    • exiftool "-xmp:description
  • Copy Filename without ".jpg"
    • supposed to be able to use a config file to define a new variable "basename". But damned if I can get it to work.
    • exiftool "-xmp:description<${filename;s/.jpg/ /}" *.jpg  ----- just gives errors
  • Useful Terminal Commands
    • "pwd" displays current directory (folder)
    • "cd" command changes directory (folder). Either type the directory, or drag the folder into the terminal window to automatically type its name.

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