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Communication with parents shoule be a shared responsibility, but initiatives in this area place the burden squarely on the paid professional - the teacher.  Often this means that hard working teachers see this as an additional commitment that they cannot afford, leading to tokenistic complaince or just ignoring the opportunity
Day by day, online documentation of curriculum practice is one way to avoid this ...
  • clear plain language day by day acou nt of what went on
  • absence of edspeak (by all means add links to this jargon for those interested) which otherwise fills curriculum documents
  • parents can be asked to take some responsibility if a child is absent, or they want to knowwork was covered
  • staff do not have to reply individually to the many requests to provide materials to absent/ suspended students, or to tutors etc.  The online copy serves them all.
  • Different teachers with different courses sequences can see what their collegues are doing (and so should the parent)which provides a much richer basis for real professional sharing
  • Curriculum review is aided by knowing what was done last time, rtaher than relying on very general documents or faulty memory.
  • Change of staff or new staff gain immense support from a real account of current classroom programs

NOTE: Links below will not work as they were writtne to access a secure school intranet.

Teaching Advice: Teaching & Learning activities: Content Focus: Discipline; Physical, Personal, Social; Interdisciplinary Assessment: For, As & Of
  • Directed Number:
  • 1: Week 1: Jan 31
    • Number snap 1: Addition
      • Text book (CD MUST be at home !); Homework Booklet; exercise/ binder book (A4 48 pg); diary; pen; pencil; ruler; calculator
    • Exercise book Use: Communication is your goal. Neatness is your tool. Rule vertical line down centre of every page. Include all rough working in exercise book
    • Discussion: Negative number uses: temperature, debt, above/ below sea level/ "in the red"/ invention of negative numbers. Representation of negative numbers: brackets, dash, number line, graphs
    • Optional Resources: Movie: Dealing-with-negative-numbers

  • 2 (only 1/2 session): Week 2:
    Mon Feb 4
    • Number snap 2: Groups of 3, reds are negative
    • School Values Activity (Mandated external)
    • Discussion: negative numbers and invisible symbols e.g. a = +1a1 etc. 3 - 5 = +31 - +51
  • 3: Wed Feb 6: Computer Room
    • Online InfoNet Course - enrol, course sequence (if you are away orgetting behind), extra online resources
    • CD at home, Online copy at school - My Computer - I drive - MTH08 - Use shortcuts because text is designed to prevent use over internet for many parts
    • I: MTH08 Maths-08-MathsQuest-test-yourself.pdf - Chapter 2 - test yourself
    • I: MTH08 Maths-08-MathsQuest-ethinking - Positive and Negative Numbers - demonstrate Level 1 & 4. Play and succeed at all levels at least once. Show me ticks at top of screen BEFORE closing !
    • Reminders: Maths Circus, message System, timetable, photos, etc
  • 4: Thurs Feb 7
    • Test: Mental Arithmetic- 90 questions - +/- - pos/neg no-s - 3 min - column graph results on board - discuss distibution and expectations - collect individual results
    • Attribute Block Game - Whole class around table - explain attributes - volunteer to place block with one attribute different from teachers - continue for ~10 students explaining an correcting. Students form groups and play game for 10 min
    • Explain necessity for quick start, quick finish, and sincere participation of activity if we are to continue them at this frequency
    • Maths Quest Ch2 p50 Are You Ready ? - Complete in 5min - Self correct from test (explain check marks and crosses)
  • 5: Thurs Feb 7
    • 10000 Dice game - rules - demonstration on board - play game for 5min
    • Maths Quest Ch2
      • p51 - Text explanations = extra teacher (way, forgot, don't understand)
      • p52-53 - Examples = most important part of text where you can get ideas about how to sve the exercises
      • p53 - Remember = summary of most important facts. Read carefuly with class and explain c examples.
      • Ex 2A Integers on the Number Line - 7/2/2008 Left Hand Side - self-check corrections from text every few questions - check correct equipment -
  • 6: Fri Feb 8 Computer Room:
    • I: MTH08 Maths-08-MathsQuest-test-yourself.pdf - Chapter 2 - test yourself - When finished, do not close until I have seen the report
    • Plotting points Alg0701 RIME-Algebra-Rules-plot-linear-parabola-graphs-DIG-v3.xls - plot rectangle, cross, box, star, etc etc Explore plotting coords in all quadrants
    • I: MTH08 Maths-08-MathsQuest-ethinking - Positive and Negative Numbers
    • Remind re. completion of 1A in A4 book complete & neat & corrected or after school help ! (= detention)

  • 7:
    Week 3: Tue Feb 12
    • Negative Numbers: Number snap 3: Groups of 3 Tournament
    • Test: P. 61 Quick Questions while.....
    • Discussion: Addition & Subtraction of integers: Remind re. text as second teacher, worked examples, key fact boxes:
    • Ex 2D Addition of Integers p65: LHS: Complete & Correct by Mon Feb 18.
    • Homework Sheets 1.1 and 2.1 and Complete and submitted on Mon Feb 18. If you cannot complete any part of the HW sheet. You MUST seek help from parents, siblings, other students, teachers (e.g. me OUTside class time). It is YOUR crepsonsibility to have all the material sincerely completed by the due date.
    • Maths Letter to Parents - DIG - online resoutrces, need for students to take initiative re. follow through (e.g. play games at home, review from CD, use extra resources on CD if they don't understand)
    • Homework: Collect Books. Check complete and corrected Ex 2A. Issue detentions.
  • Thurs Feb 14: Stop Work

  • 8: Week 4:
    Mon Feb 18 (Day 6)
    • Test: Mental Arithmetic - Addition
    • Homework: Swap sheets and correct. Collect.
    • Hand back ex books.
    • Maths Quest P. 56 Comparing temperatures...while issue detentions/ study help for Wed.
  • 9: Wed Feb 20 (Day 8)
    • AIM Online Test: General Skills
    • HW: Hand back c promise that it comes back complete and signed next session (THURS) OR AS det. Explain to parents that notes are not excuses on the due date when work has been due for many days. Errors are your opportunity to learn ! Don't ignore them.
  • 10 Thurs Feb 21
    • AIM Online Results - explain VELS standards. Stickers for A's. Stickers for Card Tournament winners 1,2,3.
    • Number snap 4: Discuss adding and subtracting negative numbers. Demonstrate rules of multiplying negative numbers. Pairs play multiplying positive ONLY. Pairs play multiplying positive and negative.
    • Maths Quest Ex 2F 1-9 LHS Multiplication of Integers
  • 11 Thurs Feb 21
    • Probability/ Chance Experiments: Stat0801-RIME-Equally-Likely-Experiments.pdf
    • Set HW expectation: Sheet 2.2 Due Tue COMPLETE See me Fri or MON Before school or lunch if there are any problems. AS Det help for anyone not able to do this.
    • Collect HW Sheets/ Books from any students not previously marked.
  • 12 Fri Feb 22

  • 13 Week 5 Tue (Day 2) Feb 26
    • Ch2 Test A
    • Homework Sheets Hand back 1.1, 1.2. Remind to stick in book. Collect 2.2. HW 2.3 AND 1.2 Due first session next week - complete & signed
  • 14 Thurs (Day 4)
    • Cards: 52 in pack; Chances of Hearts, Aces, Red, Under 5, Royal (JQKA) etc. fraction, decimal, percent
    • DemonstratNets: Chocolate box nets: toblerone, complex and simple
    • Feb 29: Year length, reasons; Month names and numbers: e.g. October
    • Maths Quest Ch13 Probability Ex 13C Complete Ex 13B Q 1-13

  • 15 Week 6 Mon (Day 6):
    • Mental Maths Speed Test
    • HO Test: Mark c answers. Check correction. ask re. questions. Take home. Retake on Wed c Calculators allowed.
  • 16 Wed (Day 8): Maths Quest Ch2 Test B (In future, all test retakes only after school)
  • Thurs (Day 9): Swimming Sports
  • 17 Fri (Day 10): Discussion: Designing simulations (13D)

  • 18 Week 7 Tue (Day 2):
    • HW Correction (2.2, 2.3, 1.2) Check completion. Detentions Tue A
    • Ex 13E Finish: Chapter Review.
  • 19 Thurs (Day 4): Maths Quest Chap 13 Test A (Retakes only after school)
  • 20 Mon Day 6:
  • 21 Wed Day 8:
  • 22 Fri Day 10:
    • Activity: Probability Game (Total of 2 Dice. Record totals for each player. First to get all totals wins)
    • Discussion (No skill. Most common totals. Reasons. Lattice diagram of outcomes).
      • Games with no luck/ some luck/ all luck. Most games have some luck and some skill.
      • Craps Dice game - Thomas Crapper
      • Lowest temperature in universe.
      • What is the difference: "nothing is impossible" "I don't know what is possible."
    • Activity: 10000 Dice Game
  • 23 Tue Day 2 (March 11):
    • Return test/ Stickers for A students

    • Maths Quest 13D Simulations - Discussion & Oral Exercises
    • Maths Quest 13E Tree Diagrams - Discussion & Eamples (including unequal branches)
  • 24 Thurs Day 4
  • 25 Mon Day 6
    • Review Practice Test. Review Chance.
  • 26 Thurs Day 9
  • 27 Thurs Day 9
    • Discussion: Games of chance & skill:
    • Play Games: Sprouts, Paddocks
    • Discussion: Graphs of Sound: pitch=frequency, loudness=amplitude
    • Game Demonstration: Hits & Misses
    • Homework Sheets: 13.1 & 13.2 Due after hols
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