Windows Live Photo Gallery: Nearly as good as iPhoto for Windows Users

Windows Vista comes with Windows Photo Gallery, but  it is worth downloading Windows Live Photo Gallery for superior functionality.
It allows organising of photos through a simple view of actual folders and files (so you know where the phots really are !).
It also has
Tags added to photos are immediately embedded in the file information and so follow the photo wherever it goes (e.g. to a friends iPhotos collection)
It even has Face Detection - although the face detection tags are NOT embedded in the photo file as are the standard tags. 
The best feature in my view is the ability to send photos seamlessly to your free online Windows live photo gallery (where you get 25 GIGABYTES of free storage) or download the picasa plug-in to send them to your free google online photo gallery (1 Gigabyte Limit).

See this video for a simple demo...

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