Video Conferencing Options

  • Purpose:
    • Reduce requirements for travel with consequent costs (personal,
      corporate, environmental)

  • Camera and MicroPhone:

    • Notebooks have built in web cams (quality depending on notebook make
      and model).
    • Some desktops have built in cameras (e.g. iMac's have high quality
      cameras and microphones built in).
    • Higher quality cameras and cord attached microphones can be added to
      desktops or notebooks to allow more easy repositioning.
    • Headsets (earphones with attached microphone) can improve audio
      quality for users. more complex when more than one person per

  • Most simple free solutions designed primarily for free use bewteen two
  • Video quality: Can be increased with quality hardware and good internet
    connection speed.
  • Lower speed internet connections at either end can create jerky
    movement, video/ audio drop out/ complete loss of connection requiring
Try this first !! iChat

(Watch video) Reason: Free software and service. Ease of Use. High quality of
video and audio.
  • Software Built into Mac OSX
  • Supports Multiple Simultaneous Computers (i.e. Users)
  • High quality. Ease of set up and excellent features.
  • Buying Mac equipment to access is worth the investment for this
    feature alone.
Try this next !! Skype
(Watch Video) Reason: Free software and service. Ease of Use. Medium quality
video and audio.

  • Free downloadable software. Any Operating System
  • Mac and Windows compatible
  • Supports 2 way conferencing

Other solutions:
Microsoft Office Live Meeting

(See Video)
  • Software Web Based but requires Microsoft Office 2007 on all computers
  • Supports Multiple Simultaneous Computers (i.e. Users)

Windows NetMeeting
(See Video)
  • Software built into Microsoft Windows XP
  • Supports Multiple Simultaneous Computers (i.e. Users)


(See Video)
  • Free Software for Mac Operating System
  • Supports Multiple Simultaneous Computers (i.e. Users)

Commercial Videoconferencing via web
Commercial Videoconferencing via web OR existing phone line OR dedicated line
Room Hire
  • Visit a local fully managed facility @
    about $500 per hour ($250 each end)
  • There may be an existing facility within or close to your
    own building that could have far lower rates than these.

  • generation-e
  • cliftons
  • whygo
Build your own dedicated conference room


Software that is NOT a video conferencing solution

Windows Meeting Space?

(See Video) NO Audio OR Video Support

  • Software: Built Into Microsoft Vista operating System
    (Not supported by Windows XP or Windows 7)
  • Supports Multiple Simultaneous Computers (i.e. Users)
Windows Live
No Video

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