Mac OSX: Change the keyboard shortcuts for screen capture

I frequently want a screen capture to ad to blogs and documents and dont want tp have to hold down 3 keys to get it. To change your iMac keyboard shortcuts:

  • System Preferences
  • Keyboard
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Screen Shots
  • Click on shortcut to change.
  • Tap the tab key twice so that the shortcut sequence is editable
  • Tap the shortcut key you want (I choose F15 which is in a similar position to the PrtScr button an a Windows Machine)
  • Try it out !!!

I reassign the following:
  • Save picture of the selected are as a file
  • Save picture of selected area to the clipboard

You may also want to: Change the File format for screen capture


Ανατολική Ακτή Αττικής said...

Fantastic!! Thank you!!!

Melarish said...

What version is this? Yosemite only lets me change it to similarly awkward 3-button shortcuts - is it just me?

Stephen Digby said...

Only seems to allow F5 and F6 to be reprogrammed. Will have a look around to see if the others can be changed from thier defaults (e.g. change F12 from increase volume to screen capture etc.)

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