Batch Renaming of Files: Lupus Renamer (Windows Freeware)

I want batch renaming of files for my photographs.  Most digital cameras embedd the correct time (and a whole lot more !!!) into every JPG photo, but stupidy name the file with a dumb sequential number ($#@$%#!).

There are losts of utilities that change file names.  I use Lupus Rename but it's manual can be a bit cryptic.

After installation, run the program and choose the options button.
Check the option to add Lupus Rename to the Windows "context menu" (i.e. menu that appears when you right click)
After closing the program, find a folder containing pictures and right click.

Select "Lupus rename from here" and the folder contents will be displayed within Lupus Rename.

  • The selected file will have it's name changed to the date and time that it was taken.
    • You can select more files, or uncheck the "Only rename the selected files box on the right to rename them all.
  • The Lupus rename code that extracts the EXIF data from the JPG picture file is:
  • If you prefer, you can put this code in the "Insert before filename" box instead to leave the original filename in place.
Other great features:

Automatically add the folder name to the filename using the code: <COL:6[:-1]>

 The Lupus Rename help files provides details on all these features, but it took me a while to figure out how to use them....

Thus this blog......

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