Mac OSX: Make the green "zoom" window button "maximize" (like Windows): RightZoom Freeware

The Mac OSX green “zoom” button” (the green zoom or maximize button in os x) is set by default to resize the window to what Apple thinks is the best ‘fit’.  Many users prefer the windows OS behaviour of maximising the window to the available screen.

To change the behaviour of the zoom button in Mac OSX
    Download Right Zoom. Double click to unzip and drag the application to your Applications folder.

    Hold down the Apple key (also known as the Command key) before double-clicking the application to start the program configuration.

    Check the "Activate Right Zoom" to give the program permission to take over the zoom button.
    You can set a hot key for maximising as well or instead, if you wish.

    I suggest you enable Right Zoom for all applications, and add any applications that you don't want to change in the list, when and if you find them.

    The easiest way I know to make an application start every time you start your Mac is to:
    • drag it to your dock
    • right click it on your dock, and select Options - Open at Login

     After you have done this you can drag it off the dock if you wish.

    Based on  Aseem Kishore

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