iPad OS Fault - Mail Autocomplete Email List cannot be edited

Mail app in iPad OS 4.3.1 caches any email address used to send - even incorrect and non functional addresses (e.g. "a").
These email addresses, along with addresses from the Contacts App, are listed in an drop down suggestion list that appears automatically when entering addresses into any new email.

If an incorrect address is entered, or an email address becomes obsolete, the user has no way of removing the incorrect address from the "suggestion" list.

I can find no app that "hacks" into the OS to clear or allow editing of the cache (Apple would probably not allow this anyway".

Some users report that they have backed up the ipad, explored the backup data to find the location of the cache, edited the cache and then restored the ipod.  e.g. here http://modmyi.com/forums/general-iphone-chat/151371-guide-edit-clear-recent-email-addresses-mail-app.html

Apple needs to improve OS with:
  • swipe an address in the dropdown list => delete from cache
  • press an address in the dropdown list => add the address to the Contacts App

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