Mac OSX: Enhance Mac screensaver with filename display fade, and find current picture: ArtSaver Freeware

The OSX Screensaver can display random images from any folder (or iPhoto album) but has few options.
ArtSaver just adds neatly embeds a few extra features into the default Max OSX screensaver for those of us that add information such as year,  location and people's names into image filenames.

Download ArtSaver and install.

Open System Preferences - Screensaver and scroll down and click on ArtSaver.

Click Options

The above show my preferences:
  • "Use images in this directory tree" to choose a folder containing the images that you want to display
  • "Use spotlight for searching" to ensure fast inclusion of all images in all subfolders as they are updated
  • Duration for each image: 10 seconds
  • "Cross Dissolve" makes the transitions smoother.  The default Mac OSX behaviour is to switch instantly between images.
  • Show image name in font size 14 so that I know what each image is called as most of my image file names have information such as year,  location and people's names.  
If you name folders rather than images, you might choose "Show full path".  This will then display the folder name to remind you of when and where the photo was taken.

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Shirley Winkler said...

I have changed the name on many of my photos but it appears that your screen saver is using the original name on the photo - is this true?

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