Share a folder of photos with SkyDrive from iPad/ iPhone

SkyDrive is the easiest and most reliable method of sharing a selected set of photos at original resolution from an iPhoen or iPad quickly via email.
Using Dropbox, I can only share individual photos.
Using Google, I can only share with people who are on Google+ and then the photos are reduced quality AND access is unreliable (i.e. links sometimes go dead, or contacts are asked to login for access)

Open Skydrive app.

Open the Public Folder.

Add Items.

Create a Folder.

Name the Folder.

The folder is empty.

Add items.

Choose existing.
Currently you can only add photos. Apps like GoodReader or iAnnotatecannot connect to SkyDrive (as they can to DropBox and

Navigate to the photos, check them and upload.

Photos are online.

Sharing and permissions.

Send link in email.

View Only.

Compose email.

Contact Receives email.

Contact visits online photo folder.

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