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I can't find any Picasa manual and the Mac version has no built in help documents, so I am guessing and experimenting on this one.
It is hard to tell if a function is working as it should if there is not statement of what the function was intended to do .........

I have found that (on Mac v3.9.1.306), if Sync to web is on for the album, "Refresh Online Status" compares of files on computer and the matching Picasa web album.
If Sync to web is off it has no effect.
If there are photos online that are not on in the desktop album, it will often download them to the computer (sometimes inexplicably, it ignores some online photos and refuses to download them).
If there are videos online that are not on in the desktop album, it will always ignore them.

I was hoping that it would download photos and videos from the online album, so that I could see them on the computer and delete them while checking the "delete the online copy too" button.  In its current state it is pretty useless to me.

The "Sync to web" album setting is not a sync at all, but rather an "immediately upload any new items" button.

To sync, I have found it easier to:

  • "view online" the album; "organise" to display thumbs of all items; drag a boz arouns all items to select them; and delete them. 
  • view the album through the desktop picasa application, highlight all items in the album and upload.

You do not want to use the "Delete Online Album", because it destroys any album sharing links you might have set up.

I know this is pretty messy, but it is the easiest way to overcome the problem that picasa does not have a true "sync" capability.

What the programmer should do, is to change the Sync options to a much cleaner set of functions:

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