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The absence of online reference manuals is a common and annoying feature of so many major software systems such as google and apple.
They provide user manuals that assume a certain common workflow, but leave out the detail that would allow a user to understand what the software is programmed to do so that they can predict other workflow outcomes.

Picasa (purchased by google and now being retired over the next decade) has always lacked a manual or any comprehensive user guide.

So it's up to the usual patchwork quilt created by users.

Date searches:

At the top of the Picasa window is the search pane.

Simple searches are usually successful based on any "word".  Picasa seems to search 

Examples of date searches:
  • 2015 identifies all pictures with 2015 in title or within their metadata.
    It also identifies a large number of photos which don't seem to have 2015 anywhere in folder title, file title, or metadata ????
  • 2015:02 selects all photos with "Camera Date" or Digitized Date" or "Modified Date" during Feb 2015 far more reliably.
  • 2015 02 unfortunately selects all photos with either "2014" or "02".  Not very useful.
  • 2015:02:11 selects all pictures with a "Camera Date" or Digitized Date" or "Modified Date" of 11 Feb 2015.  Very specific.
  • I cannot find any syntax that allows searches for a date range.
  • The slider bar allows narrowing of pictures selected by a search term e.g. "Alan" to "2 days old" (slide to the far right) to as old as you like (mine go back 20 years !).
    The problem is that the start date is always fixed at "now".
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PS:  You can still download Picasa 3.9 for Mac OSX from http://mac.filehorse.com/download-picasa/

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