Google Cloud Platform Static website

  • Display instructions for instructions
    • Create a google cloud account  (requires credit card details) 
    • Register domain c go daddy ($3 ! for one year)
    • Verify the domain using Google automatic tool
    • Log into Go Daddy and open domain - DNS Zone File - Edit existing www record:
      • Type: CNAME
      • Host:  (or whatever you have registered))
      • Points to:
      • TTL: 1 hour (default value)
    • Log into
    • Create a bucket with the name of the website e.g. (This failed for me for a bout an hour before working.  Perhaps server settings from the verification had not reached the console server ?)
      • Edit Object Default permissions
      • Add Permission: User - allUsers - Reader (see
    •  Edit website configuration:
      • type the filename for the main page and Save  (the default index.html is already there in grey, but must be typed and saved to execute it)

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