iPhone iOS6 Maps Solved: An app to fill the gap....

Apple seems to have implemented the maps feature a little prematurely.
Google has not released a map app for the iPhone and the mobile web page access for maps is limited and clunky.

The app I currently use to do this is MapPocket (currently $2.99 at the App Store)

MapPocket has a number of features that I love....

Clear clean app access to Google Maps (not the clunky Google maps web page)

Jump between different map systems for the same location
(NOT including the new Apple Maps)

  • i.e. Google, Mapquest, Bing and OpenStreetMap.org:

Display satellite imagery from the different services:

Add drop pins which stay stable across the map services.

  • Its controls are a bit cluncky (e.g. drop pin names will not save UNLESS you change the drop pin icon ! tc.) ..... but they work...
  • Jump to curent location seems to take a bit longer than other apps:
    The numbers allow quick zooming without touch gestures.; the home icon can remember your current most important location; the jump to drop marker will cycle through ALL your drop pins one by one (so don't have a hundred !!!)

Save map data from any service for offline access

  • This is the main app selling point.  This ability to save maps for offline access has been available on Google Android App for a while
  • It is very clunky on MapPocket (if I load large maps, it sometimes crashes; once saved the zoom level of the map is limited to the save levels so you need to choose carefully; I can't get sharing of maps via drop box to work between ipad and iPhone etc. etc.)
  • Nevertheless it works !!!  I do not know of ANY other iOS app that can save Google map data for offline use.
It has a rudimentary built in help system.

On balance,
  • Until Apple Maps improves, I will be using it as default access to Google Maps (as it is a lot better than the Google web page)
  • Even after Apple comes up to speed, I will still use it to save maps from all services for offline use (you never know which one will be more reliable in an offline remote location. Most other offline maps apps use OpenStreetMaps ONLY)
  • Google Maps is likely to release a dedicated Maps App ASAP..... I wonder what functionality it will include ???  Probably only replacement of the previous app.
    If it allowed offline storage, I think it would kill Apple Maps for a long time into the future.
  • MapPocket could gain sales and improve the apps handling of map storage and stored map display etc 
  • Will Apple allow MapPocket to include Apple Maps in their repertoire ?
As always, time will tell..

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