Mercury: Best iOS (iPhone/iPad) Browser for Firefox Desktop Users

Mercury Browser (currently Free !) enables users of the Firefox browser on desktops to have full sync of bookmarks and more with their iOS devices using the existing Firefox sync feature.

Previously, the best that Firefox offered was Firefox Home which merely listed bookmarks and then jumped to the default Safari Browser when a bookmark was chosen.

The bookmark integration in Mercury is excellent as they appear as THE main bookmark list automatically updated every time the browser is opened.

Mercury browser seems to be stable, fast and has many core features that I am already beginning to love:
  1. Full screen browsing.  many alternative browser (e.g. Chrome) use a lot of screen for their buttons etc.  Mercury is very "lean".
  2. Send file downloads direct to Dropbox.  Safari has no ability to click on a link and download a file. All Safari will do is open the file in an application on the device (if one exists).
  3. Identify browser as... Some sites display only some features as soon as they recognise you are using a mobile device.  mercury allows you to see the full site as seen on a desktop computer if you NEED the missing features.
  4. In Page search.  Search the contents of the current page easily.
  5. Screen dimmer i.e. just for this app. Instead of having to change the setting for all apps.
  6. Customizable toolbar
  7. Increase/decrease font size
  8. Rotation lock.  Otherwise not possible with an iPhone/
Firefox is the best desktop browser.  This is the best iOS browser for frefox users.

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