Google+ iPhone App - Cannot search albums or photos !

The Google+ iphone app seems to be a grudging admission that iPhone users are of some importance to Google even though they prefer iOS to Android.

The App is very limited, especially when your photo collection gets to be more than a few hundred.
There is no ability to search for album titles let alone individual photos.

BUT !!! the picasaweb interface at still works and has a photo search function which you can set to "My Photos"
 (unfortunately, it repeatedly defaults to community search so you get a blather of unwanted photos).

It seems such a small step for Google to :

- on the picasaweb site, make the default  "My Photos" instead of "Community"
- on the picasaweb site, add an album title search

The above page works even better on the iPhone than on desktop as it converts to which displays a simple search layout and well packed photo thumbnails.

BUT your videos will not play in any iOS browser.  The google+ app is the only way to watch your videos on an iphone or iPad.

It would be only a slightly larger step for Google to add album search and photo search on the Google+ app.

Then perhaps they could do the same for the desktop Google+ interface where the photo page is just as poorly featured !!!

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